An Education in Diamonds

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So, you want to buy a diamond?

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Diamonds are one of the most prized and valuable materials on earth. What’s more, they are the ultimate physical token of love.

Because of diamonds’ value, buying a diamond can be a stressful experience. After all, most of us only buy diamonds a few times in our life and we’re not gemologists. The diamond-buying process would be difficult enough if we just had to worry about what size to get and where to find the best price. Unfortunately, it’s hardly that simple.

No two diamonds are alike. When diamonds come out of the ground, each raw stone has slightly different coloration, tints, and markings. Later, a jeweler will cut the raw diamond to a variety of different sizes and shapes.

Each property changes the appearance—and ultimate value—of the diamond.

As a buyer, it’s important to understand each variable in a diamond and how you will value each as you select a diamond within your budget. Diamond Buying School has put together this site as an easy to understand diamond buying guide to help you shop.

Diamonds and the Four Cs

You may have heard of the “four Cs”, a common reference to the primary variables that effect how diamonds are graded. The four Cs include:

There are few other factors that may affect the value of a diamond, but these four are the basics. Understand the four C’s, and you can begin to compare diamond prices to see whether a particular stone is a good deal or not.

We’ve designed Diamond Buying School to be both a comprehensive resource on buying a diamond online and a guided course on how to buy a diamond. We approach this material from the perspective of buying a diamond engagement ring (often the biggest and most important diamond somebody will purchase), but the same principals can be applied to purchasing other diamond jewelry or, of course, a loose stone.

We hope this site is useful, and wish you the best of luck in your diamond buying experience!


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