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Is the Engagement Ring More Expensive than the Wedding Ring?

by David Weliver

Once upon a time, it was said that an engagement ring should cost at least three months’ salary. This is not as much of a tradition as it used to be because more and more couples are looking for ways to save money in these tough economic times. But this doesn’t mean you can’t get a beautiful engagement ring at an affordable price.

Now, we come to the question, is the engagement ring more expensive than the wedding ring? The simple answer is yes. Keep reading to learn why the engagement ring is more expensive than the wedding ring.

About Wedding Rings

First, we will talk a bit about wedding rings. The wedding ring has been a tradition since ancient times. The circle symbolizes eternal love in many cultures, such as ancient Egypt. The rings were generally made from reed or hemp and worn on the finger we associate the wedding rings to be worn on to this day.

In ancient Egypt, it was thought that the ring finger directly connected to the heart, and this is a thought that has been popular in many other cultures as well. For instance, in ancient Rome, the term “vena amoris,” which means “vein of love,” was used, and the Romans started using metals such as iron and, later on, gold to create wedding rings.

About Engagement Rings

The tradition of wearing an engagement ring began with Archduke Maximilian of Austria in 1477. He proposed to Mary of Burgundy with a ring. Shakespeare referenced engagement rings in the 1600s, and engagement and wedding rings were mentioned in one of his plays. In modern times, the engagement ring has become an important proposal symbol.

Why are Engagement Rings More Expensive than Wedding Rings?

There can be several reasons why an engagement ring will cost more than a wedding ring. First, most engagement rings have at least one diamond. The higher the carat weight of the diamond, the more expensive the ring will be.

Other factors determining the cost include the quality of the main stone, traditionally a diamond, and the type of metal used in the ring. If the ring is made from platinum or palladium, it will be more expensive than gold or silver.

Let’s discuss why the engagement ring is usually more expensive than the wedding ring.


In most cases, an engagement ring will be much more intricately designed than a wedding ring. In fact, most wedding rings are generally plain gold bands that can be worn daily, while an expensive engagement ring may not be worn daily once the wedding ring is in place.

Engagement rings may have a fancy center design that makes them different from the wedding band; usually, it is simpler and doesn’t have stones (although some couples choose to have their names engraved inside the band or have a few small diamonds on the band).

The designs of engagement rings tend to be quite intricate, and the more intricate they are, the more they will cost. You will find many different styles of engagement rings, with cathedral mountings, pave accents, etc.

Impress Your Fiancée

An engagement ring should wow your fiancée, so you will want to get one with that wow factor. While this should not be the case, if the ring is not impressive enough, it could ruin the entire proposal. Remember, if you want to spend the rest of your life with this person, the engagement ring should represent your love for them.

The engagement ring should be a style your significant other likes and look great on her. This is where how well you know your fiancée can come into play. The more you know about her, the easier it will be to choose a ring she will love for the rest of her life. If she loves fancy things, the ring should be fancy, which will cost much more than the wedding ring.

Is the Engagement Ring More Expensive than the Wedding Ring

Does it Always Have to Be a Diamond?

Traditionally, engagement rings have always had diamonds. Lately, however, trends are changing, and many couples are an option for rings that don’t have diamonds at all, or at least the main stone isn’t a diamond. Let’s look at engagement rings that are popular today.

Man-Made Diamonds

If your intended loves the look of diamonds, but you both decide that diamonds are too costly, a less expensive option is to choose a ring with man-made diamonds. The first thing that might come to mind is cubic zirconia, but there are many other options, such as moissanite. Both of these stones are considered to be diamond “simulants.” They may look like diamonds, but they have an entirely different composition.

You must ensure she is on board if you buy a ring with one of these diamond alternatives. If she expects a natural diamond, an alternative will undoubtedly disappoint her.

Another option is to go with a lab-created diamond. These are also referred to as cultured diamonds, and while they are technically synthetic, they are grown in a way that replicates the properties of diamonds that are mined naturally. You will be hard-pressed to distinguish between a lab-created and mined diamond. Technically, they are diamonds, but they are a lot less expensive than traditional diamonds.

Knot Rings

Maybe she likes simple jewelry. If this is the case, she will likely be thrilled with a lovers’ knot ring. This an excellent engagement ring that shows your love for one another and is much less expensive than a diamond ring. You can find knot rings with stones if she prefers a ring with a stone.

Other Gemstones

Maybe she prefers colored gemstones, such as her birthstone. Nothing says an engagement ring can’t have a colored stone. A perfect example is the ring Lady Diana Spencer received from Prince Charles (now King Charles) when he proposed to her. She picked out her ring, and her son, Prince William, gave the same ring to Catherine Middleton when he proposed to her.


Yes, the engagement ring is generally much more expensive than the wedding ring. But, with so many alternatives becoming increasingly popular, this is not always the case these days. There are many options to choose from.

Know what she likes, and look for a ring that suits her tastes and looks terrific on her hand. The ring should be special, and if you have a family heirloom ring, this may be better than anything you could go out and purchase because it has a more sentimental meaning.

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