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Do His & Her Wedding Bands Need to Match?

by David Weliver

Many think their wedding bands must match, but this has only been commonplace since the mid-20th century in North America. But this doesn’t mean that matching wedding bands haven’t been popular in other parts of the world throughout the centuries. In fact, they were pretty popular during the Renaissance, with puzzle rings used for couples who were “tying the knot.”

Symbolically, matching wedding bands highlight the unity between two married people. They show that each person in the couple is one half of the whole and that they have committed their lives to one another.

If you are getting married soon, choosing your wedding bands will be a significant decision and one not to be taken lightly. Do you want matching wedding bands, or do you want something that will indicate that you are a committed couple while still being able to show your individual personalities and tastes?

Today we will look at wedding rings throughout the centuries and discuss the newer tradition of wearing matching rings. Keep reading to learn more.

The Tradition of Dual Wedding Rings

During the Renaissance, puzzle rings were quite popular. Known as Gimmel rings, the two rings would be joined together during the wedding ceremony. But, following the wedding, only the bride wore the ring, while the groom did not. Puzzle rings are actually still quite popular today. Some couples choose to have complete puzzle rings for each person, while others prefer to each wear one half of the ring.

In North America, double-ring ceremonies became popular around the mid-20th century, particularly during World War II. When the soldiers were overseas, having a wedding ring was something they saw as comforting, knowing that they had someone special to return home to after the war was over.

Since then, the idea of dual wedding rings has become increasingly popular, and now you will find most married couples wearing rings, whether they match or not. Matching wedding rings are still quite popular, but nowadays, “matching” can have different meanings. While some couples choose identical rings, others prefer rings with similar designs that are not identical.

While this may sound strange, matching wedding bands don’t necessarily need to be identical. In fact, many couples like wedding bands with similar details and designs that complement one another but also indicate that each person has their own preferences.

Do His & Her Wedding Bands Need to Match

Should Your Wedding Rings Match?

The type of wedding rings a couple chooses should be up to each couple. Some prefer simple bands that match and just showcase the fact that they are married. Matching bands are often chosen to represent the symbolic meaning of a couple being a matched pair or two becoming one.

One main reason many couples choose matching wedding bands is that it simplifies shopping for wedding rings. There are fewer choices when there is one design, and a purchase can be made quickly rather than taking months for both parties to decide what they want.

Some couples choose plain bands, while others may select matching bands that include a small diamond in each ring.

If you shop for wedding rings on a tight budget, you may opt for simple bands that match. These are much less expensive than those that have patterns, diamonds, or other gemstones.

On the other hand, if you have a larger budget, you may be more interested in choosing a wedding ring that matches your personality. Just because they don’t match, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t as meaningful as wedding rings that do match.

Traditional or Nontraditional?

If you are into tradition, chances are you and your spouse will end up with simple, matching wedding rings. But, these days, many couples tend to be nontraditional and opt for rings with different styles but still similar. For example, women may prefer rings made with precious metals, while men may opt for rings made from other metals, such as tungsten or stainless steel.

You and your partner may have different ideas about how your wedding rings should look, which is okay. When you come down to it, your wedding rings are personal and should reflect your individual personalities while telling the world that you are a committed couple.

There are so many options available that it should be no problem for couples to find wedding rings that show their partnership and individuality. This is fine if you prefer something fancy while your partner likes something simple.

Nowadays, wedding rings can be made from various materials. They can add colors to the band, such as red or blue; some even have inlays made with wood or meteorites.

Consider Having More than One Wedding Ring

No rule states someone can only have one wedding ring. In fact, many people choose to have several different wedding rings. That way, they can wear the simpler rings daily and save the fancier ones for special occasions. In fact, this may be the best way for anyone who does any type of work using their hands a lot, working with harsh chemical cleaners, etc.

While it would be very disappointing to damage a ring while working, it is less disappointing to damage one that isn’t expensive. You will always have the more expensive ring available when you need it, and it will look as awesome as it did the day you first bought it because it isn’t being worn daily.


Ultimately, when it comes to choosing wedding rings, it is up to you and your partner. If you want matching wedding rings and stick with tradition, go for it. If you want rings that symbolize your love for one another but don’t necessarily look the same, there is nothing wrong with that.

Remember, these rings symbolize your love for one another and show the world you are united. What they look like should matter only to you and your partner.

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