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How to Surprise Your Spouse for Your First Wedding Anniversary

by David Weliver

Most people think the only significant wedding anniversaries are the big ones, like the 25-year and 50-year anniversaries. But the first wedding anniversary is pretty important as well. This is when you eat that top layer of your wedding cake to mark this important milestone.

Is your first wedding anniversary coming up soon? If so, are you looking for fun and romantic ways to surprise your spouse for this momentous occasion? Keep reading to learn how to surprise your spouse on your first wedding anniversary.

How to Surprise Your Spouse for Your First Wedding Anniversary

Eat the Cake in a Romantic Location

If you plan on eating the top layer of your wedding cake on your first anniversary, don’t just pull it out of the freezer and eat it at home. Instead, find a romantic location and enjoy this particular moment. You could set up a picnic at a park or a beach, or any place that is special to the two of you.

Bring some candles (battery-operated candles are best when outdoors). If you want to add to the romance, bring your wedding vows and repeat them to one another while sharing the cake.

Get Naked and Eat Cake

Speaking of eating the top layer of the wedding cake, if you prefer to stay home, have some fun and get naked before eating it. Grab the cake and any other treats you might like, and spread everything out on the bed. If you have a television in your bedroom, you can enjoy the wedding cake, a bit of Netflix, and chill.

Go on a Second Honeymoon

Even if you can’t afford the same type of trip you had for your honeymoon, there is no reason why you can’t have a second honeymoon that is closer to home. In fact, you don’t even need to leave town. Just rent a nice room for a few days, and make some new memories to start your next year of wedded bliss.

If you can afford it, book the honeymoon suite, or at least a room with a nice jacuzzi tub, get some candles and wine, and maybe order room service.

Enjoy an Awesome Night In

You don’t have to leave home to have a romantic date night for your first anniversary. You can turn your home into an awesome date location in many ways. For instance, you can hire someone to come in and give you and your spouse relaxing massages. Or you and your spouse can cook a favorite meal together. Light some candles, wear sexy lingerie, and make it an evening neither of you will ever forget.

Treat Yourselves to Cool Gifts

As we mentioned, the first wedding anniversary is a biggie and should be celebrated. Along with a fun and romantic date night, you could also treat each other to a gift.

A good example would be a piece of jewelry, such as a ring for the right hand. Or maybe you are both into tech and would like to gift each other the latest gadgets. These gifts should be purchased while you are together, so you turn the shopping experience into part of your first-anniversary celebration.

Enjoy a Two-Part Celebration

If your anniversary isn’t on the weekend, you should try to book the day off from work so you can spend the entire day together. For the first half of the day, participate in activities that relax you, such as sleeping in and having breakfast in bed. Then, later on, you can enjoy a lovely evening out, perhaps with dinner and dancing, or going to a movie.

Spend the Day in Bed

Another option is to spend the entire day in bed. The night before your anniversary, prepare a breakfast you can cook up the following morning, such as a delicious French toast casserole. You only have to get out of bed long enough to pop the casserole into the oven and then again to take it out and bring it back to the bedroom. This is a great way to relax, enjoy each other’s company, and get plenty of sleep (and other things you do in the bedroom).

Turn Off the Tech

This day is supposed to be all about you and your spouse. So, turn off the computers, cell phones, and other tech gadgets, and enjoy each other’s company without interruptions. You may want to let friends and family members know what you are doing ahead of time to ensure they don’t try to contact you and ruin the mood.

Set Up a Picnic on the Living Room Floor

What if you have planned a nice picnic for your first-anniversary celebration, and then it turns out that the weather sucks on the big day. Don’t worry; you have another option. You can set up a picnic spot right in your home.

Spread a blanket on the living room floor, in front of the fireplace or television (if you plan to watch a favorite movie). Set up some candles, pack a basket with your favorite foods, grab a bottle of wine, and enjoy an indoor picnic.

The best part is if you have a few drinks, you won’t have to worry about finding transportation back home because you’ll already be there.

How to Surprise Your Spouse for Your First Wedding Anniversary

Book a Couple’s Photo Session

Celebrating your special day by booking a couple’s photo session is a great way to make new memories. You can have photos that you can display around your home for all to see, or choose to have boudoir photos that are just for you and your spouse. Either way, you will make memories you will have for a lifetime.

Recreate Your First Date

Another fun way to celebrate your first anniversary as a married couple is to recreate your first date. Even if you have moved to a different area, you can keep the same theme and do the same things you did on that first date. For instance, if you went to a particular restaurant, return to that restaurant and order the same meal you had on your first date. Or, if your first date involved going to a movie, download or stream that same movie and watch it again.

Enjoy a Conversation

Today is the day you celebrate your first anniversary, and one way to celebrate could be to talk to each other about everything you have done together in the past year. Look back on the year and talk about everything, from the more challenging moments to the happiest times. This is a great way to connect and tune in to each other’s feelings and emotions.

Don’t Forget the Paper

The first wedding anniversary is the paper anniversary. Tradition dictates that the first-anniversary gift be made from paper. Why is paper the first-anniversary gift? Well, there are a couple of reasons. First of all, it is a great way to show the delicacy of that first year because paper is also fragile and delicate. Paper is also symbolic. For example, a blank sheet of paper could represent a new chapter as a married couple.

Here are ways to integrate paper into your first wedding anniversary celebration.

Learn Origami

You and your spouse can make each other gifts from paper using the Japanese art of origami, which involves delicately folding paper to make various animals and different shapes. You can find plenty of tutorials online and then enjoy the activity together.

Create an Anniversary Journal

The first anniversary is a great time to start a journal of your life together. You can buy anniversary journals with spaces to record special moments from your first through 60th wedding anniversaries. You can work on this together as a couple and have it to reflect on for many years. Turn it into an anniversary tradition to do each year.

Print Out Your Wedding Vows

Your wedding vows are very important and something to cherish. A great way to celebrate your first wedding anniversary is to have your vows printed, frame them, and hang this special artwork in your home so you can look at it daily.


These are just a few fun and romantic things you can do to celebrate your first wedding anniversary with your spouse. Make sure you give yourselves plenty of time to devise a plan to make this day as special as possible for the two of you and enjoy each other’s company while enjoying your favorite activities together.

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