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Whether you are purchasing an engagement ring, a necklace, bracelet, earrings, or anything in between, a diamond is always one of the best options to consider. Diamonds are lustrous, they shine, and they are a symbol of unending love. That said, not all diamonds are made the same. Diamonds come in very many different types […]

Getting an engagement ring is a pretty big deal. After all, it is a sign that you plan on spending the rest of your life with one single person. Therefore, choosing the right engagement rings takes a whole lot of consideration. You need to get an engagement ring that suits both you and your partner; […]

If you are somebody who enjoys buying high quality jewelry, then keeping it safe is probably one of your biggest priorities. After all, crime is very real, and break and enters as well as burglaries occur every single day. In fact, in the USA, the rate of home burglaries has increased drastically over the last […]

Do You Need Ring Insurance?

by David Weliver

When you are choosing an engagement ring for your significant other, there are a whole lot of factors to consider. You have to choose the setting, the stone, and so much more. Yes, choosing an engagement ring, or really any ring of any kind, can be extremely stressful. However, what many people don’t consider here […]

Getting married is perhaps one of the biggest commitments you could ever make in your whole life, if not the number one biggest commitment ever. After all, you are committing yourself to spend the rest of your life with one other person. There is nothing sweeter or more romantic than that. With that being said, […]

When it comes to purchasing a diamond engagement ring, obviously, the first consideration is the diamond itself. But, the setting is just as important as is the metal the setting is made with. You have many choices, including yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, and silver. So, which is the best for an engagement […]

What are Melee Diamonds?

by David Weliver

One of the best ways to increase an engagement ring’s sparkle and visual impact is to use melee diamonds. They are most noticeable in pave and halo engagement rings, which add brilliance around a centerpiece diamond. Still, melee diamonds can be used in various ways to enhance jewelry. So let’s learn more about these unique […]

How to Clean a Diamond Ring

by David Weliver

A diamond ring is precious and something you will treasure for a lifetime. However, to keep your diamond ring looking brilliant, it needs to be cleaned regularly. Of course, you could go to a jeweler and have it cleaned professionally, but this isn’t necessary. As long as you have the right tools (which are minimal […]

For decades, it seemed like diamond engagement rings, and gold wedding bands were the norm, and our grandparent’s generation didn’t consider alternatives. Today, more couples are choosing unusual stones and settings, tattoos, smart rings, and other creative interpretations of the symbolism of marriage. In fact, the classic stones and bands of wedding rings are a […]

An engagement ring is one of the most important pieces of jewelry you will ever own. Not only is it a profoundly emotional expression, but it is also something you will wear every day of your life. The perfect engagement ring symbolizes your unique relationship and reflects your style. When an expression is so important, […]

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