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Whiteflash Review

by David Weliver

Whiteflash is a jeweler selling diamonds, engagement rings and other jewelry worldwide via the internet and in their flagship store near Houston, Texas since 2000. If you are looking for natural diamonds, truly excellent diamonds, this is one of the best retailers to consider. One of the most reputable diamond merchants on the internet, Whiteflash staked their reputation on selling only diamonds with the highest cut quality with the motto “A Cut Above®”. Here’s my Whiteflash review.

Whiteflash review: A Whiteflash diamond engagement ring presented in its box.

In this Whiteflash review, we’ll look at that claim: Does the cut quality of Whiteflash diamonds excel above competitors? In addition, we’ll answer questions including:

  • How do Whiteflash prices compare to competitors?
  • How does Whiteflash’s online shopping experience compare?
  • How do customers review Whiteflash after buying?
  • And more…

What makes Whiteflash different?

Whiteflash stakes their reputation on selling diamonds that have the best cut quality. 

A diamond’s cut quality is of first importance among the 4 Cs — the four properties that determine a diamond’s quality and value. Cut quality refers to how proportionately a diamond-cutter transforms a rough diamond into a jewelry-quality gemstone. For example: Is it symmetrical? Is the diamond proportioned and the facets angled in such a way as to maximize brilliance and fire? 

After all, a diamond’s sparkle or brilliance is the most important quality. That’s what you’re paying for! Although other factors like the diamond’s color and clarity influence, the stone’s cut quality has the largest impact. Just take a look at the light performance images offered by this retailer! 

Whiteflash’s promise: Diamonds that are ‘A Cut Above®’

Cut quality is so important to a diamond’s value and brilliance that Whiteflash bases their reputation on it. It’s their unique angle in the marketplace: they sell only diamonds of the highest cut quality that they can find.  

At other reputable online jewelers you can buy diamonds of varying cut quality ranging from “Good” to “Ideal” and above. Whiteflash has literally hundreds of diamonds to choose from, and yes, these may be natural diamonds or lab diamonds. Remember people, lab diamonds may be manmade, but they aren’t fake. 

Many diamonds, however, fail to even achieve “Good” cut quality grades. These are graded as “Fair” cut diamonds. Although you won’t find these for sale on most online jeweler’s website, you will find them at many brick-and-mortar jewelers, including some widely-recognized national brands. Buyer beware!

Here’s how Whiteflash describes the “cut above” difference. (This is their video, obviously, not ours…so reserve judgement!)

This Whiteflash-produced video explains the benefits of their “A Cut Above®” series of diamonds.

How is cut quality determined? 

Predicting and observing the light performance (brilliance, sparkle, etc.) is  highly scientific. It’s complicated, to say the least.

Only highly-trained gemologists can predict cut quality based on diamond measurements. Even so, there is an element of chance in the diamond-cutting process. Only a small percentage of cut diamonds end up falling into the highest grades of cut quality: “Excellent” or “Ideal”.

Consumers can also observe cut quality while shopping, of course — theoretically. But it would require a consumer to compare many diamonds under exactly the same lighting conditions to fully appreciate the difference.

This is why cut quality grades on diamond certificates are so important. These certificates or — more aptly — grading reports are issued by third-party gemological labs with no stake in the diamond’s resale.

Cut quality and diamond shape

We said predicting and observing a diamond’s light performance is  highly scientific. It is most scientific, most well-established, for the round brilliant shape. Cut quality is also predictable, although less so, for the princess shape

You may be surprised to learn that no diamond grading lab (GIA, IGI, or AGS) even tries to objectively grade the cut quality of anything else. For example, the pear shape. Or the cushion shape. And so on. But why? 

The way light behaves in diamonds is so complex, and the cost of doing it is so high (requiring the skill of highly trained gemologists) that it gets done mostly only for round brilliant shapes (and also somewhat for princess shapes). 

So, if you want a round brilliant or a princess shape diamond, then Whiteflash offers a reliable source of diamonds with exceptional cut quality.

But if you want a pear-shaped diamond (or cushion, or asscher, or any shape other than a round brilliant or princess), there’s no one on earth who can legitimately make objective judgements about their cut quality. (Of course, a misshapen or asymmetrical pear shaped diamond is obviously of bad cut quality. But among pear-shaped diamonds that are all well cut, there’s no objective way to make a judgment. The data sets for making such judgments don’t exist. 

You can observe the brilliance for yourself. But that requires seeing the diamond in person. 

Does Whiteflash really have the best diamonds in the world?

Is Whiteflash’s claim of better cut quality true? Or is it marketing hype? Short answer: It’s legit. But there are some caveats.

1. Whiteflash gets its “A Cut Above®” proprietary grading system from the American Gemological Society (AGS). That’s real. 

2. There is science and more exactitude behind this grading system. It’s also executed by the AGS, which — in theory, and I think, mostly in fact — is an unbiased third party in grading “A Cut Above®” diamonds. 

3. Retailers and consumers who are the most avid about cut quality recognize the cut quality part of an AGS grade is superior to any other lab’s grading system. (For example, superior to the cut quality part of a  Gemological Institute of America, or GIA, diamond certificate). The simple explanation is that the AGS cut quality score goes into significantly more detail in measurements and observations. The AGS has refined the grading system. Made it more granular.  

4. Therefore, at Whiteflash you get more information about the cut quality of Whiteflash round brilliant or princess shape diamonds than you would from many other retailers. (But remember: the data doesn’t exist to make objective, precise, highly-reliable  judgements about the cut quality of other shapes of diamonds.) 

5. True, there’s no guarantee that any given AGS/Whiteflash “A Cut Above®” diamond is necessarily better than any given GIA traditional “Excellent” cut diamond. But if you know enough to delve into the details and to understand that technical information, then you can feel pretty confident.

Designer engagement ring settings

Another thing that sets Whiteflash apart from competitors like Blue Nile and James Allen is their unique collection of designer engagement ring settings.

A high-quality diamond is a must-have in an amazing engagement ring. But the ring’s setting is what can take an ordinary ring and make it distinctive and unforgettable.

Although understated solitaire and other classic engagement ring settings will never go out of style, a number of world-renown jewelry designers have collections of dazzling engagement ring settings that can really make a statement.

Whiteflash sells designer engagement ring settings from: Tacori, Simon G, Verragio, A. Jaffe, Ritani, Danhov, Vatche and more.

Shopping for diamonds at Whiteflash

Whether you’re shopping for ideal-cut engagement rings or other diamond jewelry, Whiteflash offers an immersive online shopping experience. They also have a flagship store in Sugar Land, Texas (near Houston).

Viewing Whiteflash diamonds online

Online jewelers have always had to contend with shoppers’ objection: “But I can’t see the diamond before I buy!”

Today’s that objection has largely been solved by impressive 3D imaging on jewelers’ websites. James Allen has led in the world of online diamond imagery for so long that I’m a little surprised to write this next sentence:

Whiteflash diamond imagery is at least tied for the highest-quality diamond imaging, if not slightly edging out James Allen. 

It could go either way. And it doesn’t really matter which imaging system you think is “best.” They’re both excellent. 

What matters is which diamond is best for you, which offer is best for you. 

The photos at Whitefash are sharp. So they look good. And the many 360-degree videos are pretty impressive too. They look good. And they show a lot of detail. You can see a lot of flash and fire in them, in my opinion. 

Shopping at Whiteflash feels pretty premium too. The darkness of the site is relaxing after the predominant bright white backgrounds of many other diamond sites. 

You can get a very good look at the diamonds you’re shopping. I feel perfectly confident that I’m seeing the actual diamonds, when looking at their online images of diamonds. 

So the imagery is excellent. And given Whiteflash’s high ratings in consumer review sites and reputation in the industry generally, I completely trust that what you see is what you get at Whiteflash. 

Whiteflash pricing

Although Whiteflash prides itself on its A Cut Above® collection, it also offers a wide range of diamonds for every price range — including Very Good, Good — and even a few fair cut — diamonds.

Because every diamond is unique, it’s impossible to compare diamond pricing apples-to-apples.

That said, Whiteflash’s pricing of its regular diamond collection is competitive with other online jewelers. You may be able to save some money (more or less 3%) over competing jewelers if you’re willing to wire your funds from a bank rather than pay by credit card.

The A Cut Above® collection is another story. These are premium diamonds — the best of the best — and you can expect to pay a premium for that quality. In general, you can expect to pay about 30% more for a 1-carat A Cut Above® diamond compared to a 1-carat diamond of premium cut qualities at some other jewelers.

Whiteflash “A Cut Above®” vs James Allen “True Hearts™” diamonds

Some other diamond retailers besides Whiteflash have their own premium diamond collections. 

Whiteflash has “A Cut Above” diamonds, as we’ve mentioned. And James Allen, for example, has “True Hearts” diamonds. 

There’s no hard and fast rule, but in general you can expect to save around  30% buying a James Allen “True Hearts” vs a Whiteflash “A Cut Above®.” 

You can see that in the two examples below. The Color and Clarity grades are essentially the same. The size is very close in carats. The cut quality is maximal for each grading system (AGS “Ideal”  and GIA “Excellent”). 

Now, to the untrained eye, the exact differences between these two diamonds are difficult to discern.

But, if you were to compare these two diamonds side-by-side, most people would immediately recognized that the Whiteflash diamond is the prettier gem. You might not be able to tell why, but you would have that je ne sais quoi feeling about it.

The photograph of the Whiteflash diamond just looks better. The hearts and arrows are very visible. But in the James Allen diamond example, they’re a little less precise. Both are beautiful, high-quality diamonds. But one is, as their brand suggests, “a cut above”. When it comes to these images, things like light leakage, light return, and more should always be taken into account. On a side note, even better than a picture, if you really want to know about the optical precision of the diamond in question, a good HD video will come in handy too. 

Here’s why I say that: When you click on the “Hearts” and “Arrows” red buttons beneath the James Allen diamond image, you see a light-assisted “Idealscope” view of them. With this aid for the eye, you can readily see that the hearts and arrows patterns are perfect in the James Allen diamond, just as they are in the Whiteflash.

Like audio connoisseurs or car connoisseurs, diamond experts can argue and talk and explicate all day. And I wouldn’t argue. Diamond grading is a skill which requires a huge amount of education and experience. I only pose this question, which only you can answer: 

Can you tell the difference? Or, after some self-education, can you come back and tell the difference? That’s the question which also answers: Is the Whiteflash premium price worth it? The answer here is that yes, Whiteflash is worth it, thanks to their premium diamond selections.  Something else we do want to note is that this brand does in no way deal in conflict diamonds. 

Whiteflash service: Return policy, satisfaction guarantee, shipping

In addition to building their reputation on selling the highest-quality diamonds they can find, Whiteflash is also known for its high level of customer service. 

In fact, Whiteflash is committed to instilling confidence in its customers and delivering on that promise.

Whiteflash offers:

  • A complete money-back satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty 
  • 1-year service plan on all jewelry purchases
  • 100% lifetime trade-up program
  • Independent lab reports on all in-house diamonds that follow stringent criteria 
  • Free Fedex international shipping worldwide with return shipping if need be
  • A purchase price that won’t break the bank
  • Diamonds that are certified to be free of mining process that involve human rights violations 
  • A massive virtual inventory that you can look through, with all diamonds being cut using extreme precision
  • You can have the pros help you make an expert selection so you can buy a diamond of superior quality. 
  • In-depth diamond details about any purchase you make

In addition, Whiteflash is a member of the American Gem Society® and is ISO 9001 certified for their total quality management system. All of their employees are trained by the Gemological Institute of America, therefore allowing for an international reputation that just can’t be beat. This brand has an enviable reputation that others hope to achieve. 

Whiteflash earns widespread positive, glowing reviews from most of its customers. You’ll also find that they’ve been recognized by the business community as a highly ethical company with excellent treatment of customers. For example, they’ve won the Better Business Bureau’s Award of Excellent for 14 straight years. 

Whiteflash earns 4.2 stars among reviewers at Trustpilot having great quality of diamonds. One customer recently said:

I love Whiteflash and we love the rings we received yesterday. The rings and the diamond are just absolutely stunning…I will admit that I was more than a little hesitant about wiring money out of state to buy a round 1.5 carat F VVS2 and two platinum rings, but Whiteflash’s reputation is first rate and everything went so smoothly with responsive communication. Yes, I looked at other online vendors, but Whiteflash had the information I needed to make a decision and their videos are addictive.

User “JohnT” on Trustpilot

 As can be seen from this review, Whiteflash does have ideal diamonds for any occasion. 

Whiteflash’s flagship store in Sugar Land, TX (near Houston) also earns 4.5 stars from 130 Yelp reviewers as of December 2020.

An introduction to Whiteflash’s flagship store in Sugar Land, TX.

Whiteflash review conclusion

Regardless of your budget, if you want the very best diamond you can buy with your money, Whiteflash should top your list of jewelers to shop. As far as online diamond retailers go, here you will find some of the largest inventories of all online retailers, with better pricing than the vast majority of other retailers out there. This retailer also features diamond quality unlike most others out there, and they all adhere to the international standard. 

If you care less about the quality of your diamond (say, instead, you just want the biggest diamond you can get), a jeweler like James AllenBlue Nile will have lesser-quality stones at lower prices, especially if you are looking for non-branded diamond cuts. If you want a huge selection of diamond engagement rings with an excellent grade and exceptional quality, there are plenty of online retailers with premium selections too. 

At Whiteflash, you get more technical information about a Whiteflash AGS-graded “A Cut Above®” diamond than you do about most other diamonds. You will be provided with info such as the light performance grade, the clarity range, diamond characteristics, diamond tiers, and much more. 

Shop diamonds and engagement rings at Whiteflash now

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