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How to Design Your Rose Gold Diamond Wedding Band

by David Weliver

For many, their wedding band is one of the most important purchases they will ever make. A wedding band expresses your love and style, and is an investment in your future together. It’s no surprise that it needs to be perfect.

If you struggle to find the right wedding ring for your taste or want a unique ring entirely your own, you may want to design your own rose gold diamond wedding band. Designing your custom wedding ring is easier today than ever, so let’s look at how you can design your rose gold diamond wedding band.

Reasons to Design Your Own Rose Gold Diamond Wedding Band

The reasons to choose a custom wedding ring are as numerous and unique as each individual couple, but here are some of the most popular reasons people choose to design their own wedding band:

A More Comprehensive Range of Choices

Like everything else, wedding and engagement rings come and go with fashion. You may notice that most options in retail stores are very similar, reflecting the precious metals, diamond cuts, and settings that are most popular now. If that’s not your style, designing your custom ring allows you to take inspiration from any era.

Incorporate Existing Pieces

If you already have a family heirloom or vintage stone, it may have tremendous sentimental value, and you may want to showcase it in your wedding story. Incorporating antique or vintage jewelry into your wedding ring is a beautiful way to make it more personal and sentimental, but it requires designing your wedding band.

Manage Your Budget

Designing your wedding band is not as expensive as you might think but gives you complete control over your budget, allowing you to spend your ring budget where it counts the most. Choosing a custom ring may allow you to choose a less expensive alloy or more affordable melee diamonds while investing more in the central stone or the perfect setting.

Create Something More Personal and Unique

Every love story is unique. Designing your own rose gold diamond wedding band allows you to create a ring that is unlike any other, telling your story.

How to Design Your Rose Gold Diamond Wedding Band

How to Design Your Rose Gold Diamond Wedding Band

Generally speaking, there are two ways to design your rose gold diamond wedding band: use an online ring designing tool, or work individually with a jeweler to design your wedding rings. Here is an overview of designing your diamond wedding ring using either process.

How to Design Your Wedding Band Online

When using a website to design your wedding ring, choose a site with an excellent reputation and great reviews. Look for a robust support section, online chat, or a phone number to answer your questions before making a final decision. The online wizard will typically guide you through your options, including:

Choosing a Setting

Naturally, many design elements of the setting depend on the stone, but here are some of the options available when choosing a setting for your custom wedding ring:

  • Type of rose gold. For a rose gold diamond wedding band, you can choose either 14k or 18k rose gold. Because people who choose rose gold typically want to see more of that distinctive pinkish hue, 14k is the more popular choice.
  • Ring style. Ring settings come in various styles, including 2- or 3-stone styles, halo or pave styles, and solitaire or side stone styles. Not all ring styles are engravable or have a matching band.

Choosing a Stone

Not all stones are compatible with all settings, so you will build your ring around the setting or the stone. When choosing a stone for your rose gold diamond wedding band, here are some of the options to consider:

Natural vs. Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are “real” diamonds, identical to natural diamonds in every way; however, modern technologies are used to professionally simulate the environments and processes that cause diamonds to form in the earth. This produces diamonds in a few months rather than millions of years without the unwanted social and environmental impacts.

Lab-grown diamonds are graded and certified just like natural diamonds. A lab-grown diamond is a great way to get a spectacular stone at a more affordable price, but the ring will have less resale value than a natural diamond.

Diamond Cut

Diamonds are available in a range of shapes. Each shape has advantages to highlight various features of the diamond and is optimized for different settings. Here are the most popular cuts today:

  • Round brilliant cut diamonds have 58 facets to optimize light reflection and refraction, creating a fiery stone. Only diamonds with a near-perfect shape can be cut this way, and more than 50% of the total carat weight of the raw stone is lost during the cutting process, which is why it is an expensive choice. However, the brilliance of this cut can also be used to conceal and compensate for small inclusions and shadows in a slightly lower-grade diamond. Despite the cost, this cut is incredibly popular, capturing 75% of the market.
  • The princess cut has a more modern shape, with bevels that make it the most brilliant of the square or rectangular diamonds. They cost less per carat than round brilliants, with excellent light dispersion that makes them the second most popular diamond cut.
  • Cushion or pillow cut. These square or rectangular diamonds have gently rounded corners. Although less brilliant, they are known for their sparkle and are an excellent choice for side-by-side, channel, split-shank, and other settings.
  • The emerald cut has a flat surface perfect for featuring and accentuating a large, spectacular diamond. This classic cut is more elegant than brilliant and an excellent choice for traditional, sophisticated styles. The emerald cut itself is more affordable to execute. Still, it requires a diamond free of inclusions, so it is often used to highlight a more expensive, high-quality diamond.
  • Oval-cut diamonds began rising to prominence in the 1950s and 60s and continue to increase in popularity. Oval-cut diamonds are generally considered moderately priced, but the most expensive diamond ever sold at auction was the oval-cut Pink Star, fetching over $70 million. The oval cut is graceful and an excellent choice for a wide band.
  • Accents. Depending on the stone and setting, you may customize your ring with melee diamonds and other enhancements to make it more personal and unique. These options largely depend on the online seller you choose.

How to Design Your Wedding Band in Person

Designing your wedding band takes longer than buying a ring at retail, and commissioning a handmade ring can take months or more, depending on how popular your jeweler is. Allow plenty of time for this process. When designing your custom ring with a jeweler, here are some key steps to follow.

Choose the Right Jeweler

Look for a ring designer with an excellent reputation and reviews, GIA credentials, and a style you like and want to be reflected in your ring. Review their portfolios carefully, and schedule preliminary meetings to ensure you communicate well.

Find Reference

Search online or use Pinterest to create a connection between the style of rings you like and want to reflect in your own ring. Clearly identify what you like about the rings.

Your Jeweler Will Draw or Sketch Your Ring

The jeweler will present one or more sketches or drawings of your potential ring or even make a model in 3D. Talk through the designs with them, giving feedback and reaching the perfect design before making the ring.


Designing your own rose gold diamond wedding band is a great way to create a ring that is all your own and is more affordable than you may think. Follow these steps to get a ring you will love for a lifetime.

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