Privacy Policy

Welcome to Diamond Buying School’s plain-English privacy policy.

This page lets you know:

  • What information we collect about you when you visit our website.
  • What we do with that information.
  • How we safeguard your privacy.
  • Your rights, as well as steps you can take to further protect your privacy.

What information do we collect?

Like almost every other website, we may collect both anonymous information and personally-identifiable information about visitors to Diamond Buying School. Anonymous information is just that — it can’t be tied back to you in any way. Personally-identifiable information covers things like your name and e-mail address.

Server logs

Like almost every web server in the world, we collect:

  • Server log files that show things like:
    • Your internet service provider (ISP) and IP address
    • The time and date of your visit
    • Which pages you visit
    • The type of device and software you used to access the website

Google Analytics

In addition to collecting these routine site metrics from server logs, we also utilize Google Analytics to understand usage trends on our site. Google can tell us where visitors came from, which pages were most engaging, whether they clicked on an ad, as well as some high-level demographic information like age and gender. Although Google provides more information about you than the server logs, it’s important to note that this information still can’t be used to personally identify you.


Again, like most websites these days, we use cookies to make our site work better for you and to track certain actions you take on our site.

For example, we use information about your device and operating system to serve you a faster, more pleasant user-experience.

Importantly, when you click certain affiliate links on our website, our partners may use cookies to track that you came from our site. If you buy something with that partner, this is how they know we referred you to them. In some cases, we may earn a commission for that referral. This is how we can afford to create helpful content and keep it free for you.


Currently, Diamond Buying School does not collect any personally-identifiable information about our visitors unless you choose to email us. In that event, we will obviously have your email and perhaps your name. We currently do not collect email addresses or names or any other information for marketing purposes. If that changes, we will update this document.

Steps you can take to protect your privacy

We understand privacy is a concern these days. While our business model relies, to some extent, on visitors allowing us to track them anonymously from our site to our partner’s sites, we totally understand you may want to opt-out of this practice. This is your right.

Most web browsers contain options that can improve your privacy while browsing the internet. We recommend Firefox for the strongest protection. You can choose to block cookies and Javascript files, for example. Browser extensions, included ad blockers, can take your privacy a step further.


By continuing to use our website, you hereby agree to our terms & conditions and this privacy policy. Thank you!

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