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Can a Diamond Fall Out of a Ring?

by David Weliver

The last thing you want is a diamond falling out of your ring. However, this does happen. While it can be incredibly heartbreaking, it is sometimes unavoidable. In fact, it could be several minutes or even hours before you even notice, and by then, it could be too late to locate the missing stone.

Your first reaction will be to panic, which is only natural. But don’t let it overwhelm you. Sit down, take a deep breath, and then you can figure out what you will do about the problem.

This article discusses why diamonds sometimes fall out of rings and how to prevent it from happening. Keep reading to learn more.

The First Steps

As soon as you notice a diamond missing from your ring, it is time to act once you have calmed down. You must remain calm and start the search right away. You never know; it could literally be right at your feet. Carefully search the immediate area around you. If you have to crawl around on the ground or the floor, so be it.

You never know where a diamond could end up. They are generally small in the grand scheme, so they could end up just about anywhere and in any small crevice. You should be methodical in your search; getting others to help you look may be necessary.

If you have lost your diamond at a store or venue, notify the staff immediately, and ask if they will help you search. Even if it isn’t found immediately, it may turn up later, and they will know that it is yours and contact you to retrieve it.

It may be more challenging to find if it is smaller and not the main stone. Luckily, it is much less expensive to replace. The smaller stones are the most vulnerable, as they have smaller settings. The prongs are tiny, so there is always a chance that a prong will break and the stone will slip out.

Can a Diamond Fall Out of a Ring

It is a good idea to get into the habit of having your rings checked annually and tightening settings to prevent lost stones in the future. This could help keep the stones for a few years.

If the stone is the center diamond, it is a good idea to file a police report, so it is on record that it is missing. If you have an insurance plan from your jeweler, you must do this before filing a claim to replace the stone if it is not found.

Why Do Diamonds Sometimes Fall Out of Rings?

There can be several reasons why a diamond would fall out of a ring. In most cases, it is usually because of wear and tear and not maintaining the ring correctly. Yes, diamonds are one of the hardest surfaces in the world, but this does not mean they are completely indestructible. They can be damaged and get lost, no matter how careful you are.

This is one reason why having a jeweler look at your ring at least once every year (preferably every six months) is so important. A professional jeweler can check to make sure that none of the prongs are loose or broken and tighten any that are loose to protect your diamonds.

Now, there is always the chance that the ring was made with inferior materials. This is why doing your research before making any purchase is so important. A good jeweler will use the right mix of gold and alloys to create a durable setting, and they will not use fragile materials.

Ensure you ask about warranties and maintenance packages before purchasing and know exactly what the insurance policies cover. Insurance should cover loss, theft, and “mysterious disappearance.”

Tiny Stones, Tiny Settings

We mentioned that small settings can lead to losing diamonds from a ring. If the diamond is less than 1mm in diameter, the setting used will be known as a “micro-claw” setting. These settings are tiny, and there is not a lot of gold in them to hold stones in place. At least one stone will inevitably fall out of a ring with tiny diamond settings like these. Even a slight knock against a hard surface can cause this to happen.

If a jeweler tries to tell you that a delicate setting will hold up to all kinds of wear and tear, they are likely not overly reputable and just looking to take your money. This is one reason why shopping around before deciding is essential, especially for diamond rings.

It could take several years for a tip (prong) to get knocked back or only a few months. It depends on how you wear the ring and the activities you are involved in. For example, if you work in an office, it may seem safe enough, but you could end up knocking the ring against a desk or a filing cabinet. This could be all it takes to knock one of the diamonds out.

Side Stones

Maybe your diamond ring has a large center stone and smaller stones on the side. While these may not be tiny and have pavé settings, they still have smaller settings that are more easily damaged than the main stone’s setting. In fact, these are the diamonds that tend to fall out the most.

The end diamond is usually located on the part of the band that is thinner than the rest. The bands are made this way for comfort, with the thinnest areas resting palm side. They are also made this way to save money, so the jeweler doesn’t have to use as much gold to create the band.

The claws are generally more exposed, and it is easy to knock them against something and break or push them aside.

Protecting Your Diamonds

In addition to having your rings serviced regularly, avoid wearing them while engaging in certain activities that could cause the stones to become loose.

Get into the habit of taking your rings off before doing any strenuous exercise, cleaning, or heavy lifting. Do not wear your rings while using harsh chemicals such as chlorine and household bleach, or any other cleaners, for that matter. Even hairspray and makeup can damage your ring in the long term.

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