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2021 Diamond Promotions, Sales, Discounts and Promo Codes

by David Weliver

High-quality diamonds rarely go on sale. The diamond market is so tightly controlled that you’ll almost never see discounts or score promo codes on the gems themselves. But you can score hefty discounts on ready-to-shop diamond jewelry as well as engagement ring settings.

A word of caution: If you do see a jeweler advertising huge discounts on diamonds, your guard should be up. When something seems too good to be true, it usually is.

2021 diamond sales & promo codes

Here are current online discounts and promotions on diamonds and engagement rings as of November 2021:

James Allen promotions

  • Cyber Monday Sale: 25% Site-wide*
  • Learn more about James Allen in our review.
  • *Does not include loose diamonds, gemstones, designer collections, and pre-set earth-created diamond studs and pendants. Promotional discounts applied to an order are only valid for the item purchased and will not be applied to future purchases or exchanges after the sale ends. Cannot be combined with additional offers other than 10% off select lab-created diamonds. Promotion ends Dec. 1, 2021 at 11:59pm EST.

Blue Nile promotions

Brilliant Earth promotions

How often do diamonds go on sale?

Diamonds rarely go “on sale” in the traditional sense. But you can sales on engagement ring settings and promotions that can lower your cost of buying diamond jewelry.

Diamond promotions are so rare because diamond pricing is tightly controlled around the world. Every night, a diamond pricing guide is released called the Rapaport Price List that diamond dealers use to set prices.

Diamond retailers can only reasonably charge so much “over Rap” before their price will be so much more than competitors. Therefore, with their margins limited, there’s not much room to cut prices.

That said, the diamond business is competitive like any other. So diamond jewelers will occasionally run promotions and sales.

Any significant discounts (think 15% or more) are more likely to be applied to jewelry containing many smaller diamonds or to the setting of a diamond engagement ring rather than to the rock itself. But with settings costing between several hundred and several thousand dollars, such discounts can certainly help stretch your budget.

On this page we’ll keep track of current promotions and sales on diamonds and diamond jewelry at the largest online jewelers. If there’s a discount or coupon code available, we’ll help you find it.

How often does Blue Nile have sales?

Blue Nile typically holds sales at peak jewelry seasons: After thanksgiving (Black Friday and Cyber Monday), through-ought the Christmas Season, and in January/February before Valentine’s Day.

Not all of Blue Nile’s sales are listed publicly. They offer email subscribers sales up to 50% off that are never advertised elsewhere. Visit Blue Nile and sign up for their email promotions list to unlock their best sales.

How often does James Allen have sales?

Like other jewelers, James Allen holds sales during the holiday shopping season (between Black Friday and Cyber Monday up until a few days before Christmas). You can also expect sales around Valentine’s Day and some other promotions throughout the year.

James Allen rarely discounts the price of their loose diamonds, as their prices are already the lowest in the industry. (But there are a few exceptions, like the current 10% off promotion on True Hearts lab-created diamonds!) That said, you can often find sales on ready-to-ship diamond jewelry and engagement ring settings.

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James Allen

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Sale Alert: Get 10% off all lab-created diamonds. Get up to 25% off site-wide!* See terms and expiration here.

James Allen is the most competitive diamond vendor with more than 150,000 loose diamonds in inventory. They have been a leader in selling diamonds online and pioneered 3D imaging so you can see the exact diamond you're buying in exquisite detail. You'll find it hard to beat James Allen in terms of price or selection. Read our James Allen review.

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Brilliant Earth

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Brilliant Earth is the global leader in ethically-sourced jewelry. Brilliant Earth goes above and beyond existing standards to offer “Beyond Conflict Free Diamonds” that they select for their ethical and environmentally-responsible origins. With over 120,000 diamonds in inventory, you can be sure to find your perfect diamond and feel good knowing it was responsibly-sourced. Read our Brilliant Earth review.

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Blue Nile

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