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Best Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

by David Weliver

Getting married is perhaps one of the biggest commitments you could ever make in your whole life, if not the number one biggest commitment ever. After all, you are committing yourself to spend the rest of your life with one other person.

There is nothing sweeter or more romantic than that. With that being said, when it comes to such a long-term commitment, there is a lot of thought that has to go into it. One of the things that you are probably going to spend a very long time thinking about is the wedding ring.

Sure, when it comes to engagement and wedding rings, the settings and stones are probably what you will spend the most time thinking about, but one thing that many people forget is the engraving. If you really want to take things to the next level and show your love how much you really do care about them, engraving a wedding wearing is always a good idea.

Engraving a wedding ring allows you to add a romantic, funny, or traditional sentiment to the equation. Of course, there are plenty of different wedding ring engraving ideas out there, ones that are spiritual, religious, funny, cute, and ones that come from songs, poetry, movies, and so much more.

Therefore, we’re going to provide you with literally hundreds of the best wedding ring engraving ideas out there. We’re also going to be answering your most commonly asked questions about engraving wedding rings, and we’ll provide you with some good tips on how to engrave a wedding ring as well.

Some Tips on Choosing the Best Wedding Ring Engraving

Before we provide you with a list of ideas, let’s first go over some general tips on how to choose the best wedding ring engravings.

  1. Seeing as this is something that will be on the wedding ring for the rest of your life, take a few weeks to decide what the best option is. This is not something you have to rush.
  2. If you can’t come up with anything good on the spot, or even after a couple of weeks, remember that engraving wedding rings is something you can do at any point.
  3. Always make sure to plan ahead; many jewelers are busy for months and months on end, so you might have to wait a little while before the engraving can be done.
  4. You always want to check the final message to see that everything is right. Yes, spelling mistakes do happen.
Best Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

The Best Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

Right now, we’re going to provide you with some of the best wedding ring engraving ideas out there, starting with ones that are relatively spiritual and religious in nature. Don’t worry though, because we will lighten things up and move on to wedding ring engraving ideas that are cute, funny, and more.

Spiritual and Religious Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

Of course, for many people out there, marriage and weddings are still a religious institution. Yes, in recent times, marriage has moved away from being so religious in nature, but there are still many people out there who get married in churches and who view marriage as a spiritual and religious contract. So, here we have a number of religious and spiritual wedding ring engraving ideas for you to take a look at.

  1. Do Everything in Love (1 Corinthians 16:14)
  2. Dues Nox Iunxit (Latin: God Joined Us)
  3. The chapter and verse of any personally meaningful Bible verse
  4. God Unite Both in Love
  5. Ani L’dodi V’dodi Li (Song of Solomon 2:16)
  6. God Joined Us
  7. In God and Thee My Joy Shall Be
  8. Thy Love Is Better Than Wine (Song of Solomon 1:2)
  9. Love is Patient, Love is Kind. (1 Corinthians 13:4)
  10. Where You Go I Will Go (Ruth 1:16)

Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas from Poetry and Songs

Weddings can be quite artistic in nature. If you and your partner are people who are really into music and poetry, then using some of these poetry and song-based wedding ring engraving ideas might be ideal for you.

  1. At Last
  2. Crazy In Love
  3. Some Things Are Meant to Be
  4. You Make Me Feel So Brand New
  5. I Carry Your Heart (E.E. Cummings, I Carry Your Heart)
  6. So Happy Together
  7. Only Love Sets Us Free (Maya Angelou, Touched By An Angel)
  8. I Am Your Mirror (Rumi, When I Am With You)
  9. A Whole New World
  10. I Would Walk 500 Miles
  11. Only You and I, My Love (Pablo Neruda, The Queen)
  12. You Make My Dreams Come True
  13. Here, There & Everywhere
  14. I’m Yours

Traditional Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

Let’s take a look at some really traditional and cute wedding ring engraving ideas. If you like old school and classic elements, then these wedding ring engraving ideas could be right for you.

  1. Your Wedding Date
  2. “To My Wife” or “To My Husband”
  3. The Name of a Significant Location
  4. Your Engagement Date
  5. The Date You Met
  6. A Monogram of Your New Initials
  7. The Date You First Said “I Love You”
  8. Your Nicknames For Each Other
  9. Your New Last Name

Funny Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

Sure, weddings are pretty serious institutions, and it’s a commitment that has to be taken very seriously. With that being said, there is no reason why weddings and marriages can’t have an element of fun. After all, marriage probably won’t last too long if there is no fun at all. So, let’s take a look at some funny wedding ring engraving ideas.

  1. To Aid and Abet
  2. Put Me Back On!
  3. No Take Backs
  4. A Perfect Fit
  5. I Love You More Than Coffee
  6. Contractually Yours
  7. Alarm Will Sound If Removed
  8. Non-Refundable
  9. Resistance Is Futile
  10. The Better Half
  11. Better Than Bacon
  12. Dibs!
  13. You’re Stuck With Me
  14. Insert Finger Here
  15. Challenge Accepted
  16. Ditto
  17. Us Against the World
  18. You’re My Lobster
  19. Ride or Die
  20. A Deal Is A Deal
  21. Finders Keepers
Best Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

Romantic and Sentimental Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

If you and your partner are sappy, romantic, and sentimental, then these sentimental and romantic wedding ring engraving ideas could be right for you.

  1. I Love You
  2. I Thee Wed
  3. Our Love Is Eternal
  4. Forever Begins
  5. True Love
  6. Forevermore
  7. Adventure Awaits
  8. Forever
  9. I Do
  10. All My Days
  11. With You Always
  12. For My Soulmate
  13. I Choose You
  14. You Have My Heart
  15. All My Love
  16. My Love
  17. Eternity
  18. Always
  19. Happily Ever After
  20. Forever and Ever
  21. Forever and Forever and Forever and Forever and (continuous around ring)
  22. We Are One
  23. Written in the Stars
  24. Forever Yours
  25. Love
  26. Beloved Husband/Wife
  27. Love Endures
  28. Forever and Ever
  29. Forever and Forever and Forever and Forever and (continuous around ring)
  30. Beloved Husband/Wife
  31. Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me
  32. Choose Love, Dream Forever
  33. Come Live in My Heart Always
  34. Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me
  35. Choose Love, Dream Forever
  36. Come Live in My Heart Always
  37. My Fairy Tale
  38. Eternal Love
  39. All I Want is a Lifetime With You
  40. All My Love, All My Life
  41. Forever and Ever
  42. Forever and Forever and Forever and Forever and (continuous around ring)
  43. Beloved Husband/Wife
  44. Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me
  45. Choose Love, Dream Forever
  46. All My Love
  47. Come Live in My Heart Always
  48. As Long as There Are Stars
  49. As Long as We Live Let Us Love
  50. Faithful Love Will Ever Last
  51. For You Alone
  52. Forever
  53. Forever & Always
  54. Destined to Be
  55. Dreams Do Come True
  56. Encircled in Love
  57. Endless As This Shall Be Our Bliss
  58. Eternal Love
  59. Eternally
  60. Eternally Yours
  61. Ever Thine, Ever Mine, Ever Ours
  62. Every Valley to Every Summit
  63. All My Love Always & Forever
  64. All of Me Loves All of You
  65. All Ways, Always
  66. Always
  67. Always, Always & Always
  68. Always & Forever
  69. Faith Hope & Love
  70. Forever Begins (wedding date)
  71. Forever Entwined
  72. From This Day Forward
  73. Grow Old with Me
  74. Forevermore
  75. Friendship, Faithfulness, Love
  76. From (wedding date) to Forever
  77. ∞ + 1
  78. I Will Kiss You Every Day
  79. Joined for Life
  80. I Love You to Infinity and Beyond
  81. I Promise to Love You Forever
  82. Forever in Love
  83. Forever in My Heart
  84. Forever Isn’t Long Enough
  85. Joy Without End
  86. Happily Ever After Begins!
  87. I Love You More
  88. I Love You No Matter What
  89. Kismet
  90. Laughter, Honesty, Loyalty, Love
  91. Let Us Go Then, You and I
  92. Life Begins
  93. Home is Where We Are
  94. How Do I Love Thee
  95. I’ll Love You Forever & Ever
  96. I’m Always With You
  97. If Ever Two Were One, Then Surely We
  98. I Can’t Wait for Forever With You
  99. I Do
  100. I Have, I Do & I Will
  101. How Much? Too Much!
  102. My Love Is Forever Yours
  103. My One True Love
  104. My Partner, My Love, My Best Friend
  105. My Stars & My Universe
  106. Love is Forever
  107. Love is the Greatest Adventure
  108. Love is You
  109. Love Me and Leave Me Not
  110. Love of My Life
  111. Love Sets Us Free
  112. My Forever Love
  113. My Heart is in Your Hands
  114. Love, Courage, Truth and Light
  115. Love, Faith, Hope Together
  116. Love & Kisses
  117. Happy Ever After
  118. Here Is My Heart, Guard It Well
  119. Love Is All in All
  120. Love Is Eternal
  121. My Life Begins
  122. My Love, My Life, My Friend
  123. My Life & My Love
  124. Never Another You
  125. My End & My Beginning
  126. No Heart More True Than Mine to You
  127. No Matter What
  128. Once Together, Never Apart
  129. One Heart
  130. One Life, One Love
  131. Never Doubt I Love
  132. Never to Part
  133. Loved With Purpose & Beyond Measure
  134. More Than All the Stars
  135. My Heart Is Your Heart Always
  136. My Heart Is Yours
  137. My Heart Is Yours Forever
  138. More Than Anything
  139. More Than Yesterday, Less Than Tomorrow
  140. Written in the Stars
  142. You & Me Babe
  143. You and No Other
  144. My Best Friend
  145. ne Love, One Lifetime
  146. Our Life Begins
  147. Our Love is Eternal
  148. Promise
  149. Soulmates
  150. So This is Love
  151. Still a Spark
  152. The Beginning of Forever
  153. To Making Our Own Rules Forever
  154. To My One & Only
  155. To the Moon and Back
  156. Today, Tomorrow, Always
  157. No One But You
  158. No Remedy for Love But to Love More
  159. Two Souls Entwined for Eternity
  160. Two Souls, One Heart
  161. With All That I Am
  162. With These Rings We Bind Our Love
  163. Now and Forever
  164. To Love, Honor & Cherish Always
  165. Only You
  166. Today, Tomorrow, Forever
  167. The Rest of Our Lives Starts Today
  168. The Best is Yet to Come
  169. You & Only You
  170. Until the End of the World
  171. United as One
  172. We Did It!
  173. Wing to Wing, Oar to Oar
  174. Uncountable Blessings
  175. We Are Ours Now
  176. With You Always
  177. Upon a Star
  178. ‘Til Death Us Do Part
  179. To Have and to Hold
  180. Two Hearts, One Life
  181. The Start of Something Beautiful
  182. This Day and Always
  183. Until the Day After Forever
  184. Wrapped Around You Forever
  185. Together Forever
  186. True Love
  187. Truly, Madly, Deeply
  188. Two Become One
  189. You’re My Favorite Person
  190. Yours
  191. Yours Forever
  192. Worth the Wait
  193. You Are My Strength and My Love
  194. You Are the Love of My Heart
  195. You Have My Heart
  196. You Put Your Arms Around Me & I’m Home
  197. You’ll Always Be My Everything
  198. With All My Heart

Combination Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas – For Both Rings

In case you are confused with what we mean by combination wedding ring engraving ideas, we mean that one of the rings has one half of the engravement, and the other ring has the other half of the engraving. So, when both rings come together, they produce a lovely and romantic message. Let’s take a look at some examples.

  1. I Found My Other Half / My Other Half Found Me
  2. I Love You / I Know
  3. Little Spoon / Big Spoon
  4. I Carry Your Heart With Me / I Carry It In My Heart
  5. I Am My Beloved’s / My Beloved Is Mine
  6. To Infinity / And Beyond
  7. Love Is Patient / Love Is Kind
  8. To Have / To Hold

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