Diamond Clarity

Diamond clarity refers to how many imperfections, called inclusions, are contained within the stone. The fewer inclusions a diamond has, the more perfect it is, and the higher its clarity grade (and value) will be.

A diamond’s clarity is assigned a specific grade based upon a gemologist’s assessment under 10x magnification.

F (Flawless)
These exceptionally rare diamonds have no internal or external flaws.

IF (Internally Flawless)
These quite rare diamonds have no flaws on the inside of the stone, but some surface blemishes.

VVS1 and VVS2 (Very Very Slightly Included)
These two diamond grades contain the slightest of inclusions that can only be seen under magnification by a gemologist. In other words, they still look perfect to the naked eye.

VS1 and VS2 (Very Slightly Included)
These two diamond clarity grades contain small inclusions that can only be seen under 10x magnification but can be spotted more easily. Again, these diamonds appear perfect to the naked eye.

SI1 and SI2 (Slightly Included)
These diamond grades contain inclusions that are even more quickly spotted under 10x magnification but still look fine to the human eye.

I1, I2, and I3 (Included)
These diamonds contain inclusions that are visible to the naked human eye. As such, these diamonds are not frequently sold as loose stones for solitaire engagement rings or other jewelry, but if you do come accross one, think twice before buying.


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