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26 Creative and Romantic Ways to Pop the Question

by Kate Sauble

A romantic proposal on a bridge in the rain.

There’s no wrong way to “pop the question”. But it’s (hopefully) a once-in-lifetime moment that you and your future spouse will remember for decades. Here are our favorite creative proposal ideas to help you find a romantic proposal method that’s right for you.

#1. The airport chauffeur

Need to pick her up at the airport, bus station, subway or train station? Stand holding a sign like the limo drivers, except on yours write (next to her name): Will You Marry Me?

#2. Make a video

You don’t have to have any fancy software these days to make a video. It can be a collage of special pictures with music in the background, or actual video footage of special moments. Post it on YouTube. Be creative in your presentation and find the right moment to tell her to watch it!

#3. A treasure hunt

This works better at Easter or for birthdays, etc. since it might seem obvious on any other day. Write down “clues” on a piece of paper and have her find new clues on the trail to find the ring. When she does, make the last piece say something clever. “Finding this treasure qualifies you as wife material!” or whatever fits your personality.

#4. Artwork

You don’t have to be an artist to get a painting! Take a special photo of the two of you and have a Canvas print made. There are hundreds of places online or even department and wholesale stores that have a photo department. After the print comes, wrap it in fancy paper with the ring taped to the back. It will always be a special reminder to her of your proposal every time she sees it.

#5. The good dream

Gently wake her up in the middle of the night. Shine a flashlight on her finger after placing the ring on it. Tell her you have something important to ask that couldn’t wait another day. Celebrate with a glass of champagne, or coffee!

#6. Friend participation

Get at least four friends together; maybe two couples you both like to hang out with. Give them shirts with misspellings of “Will You Marry Me?” One could be WILL, another U; then MARY; and ME (or your own name instead). You could tell her everyone is wearing shirts for a work thing or game night, etc. Then have your friends positioned so that the message is facing her and ask her in front of them. Or have them all mixed up and see if she figures it out, it’s up to you!

#7. Ask your pet to help

If you cohabitate and have a dog or cat, train your pet to bring her a piece of paper with your message on it.

#8. Make a rose trail

Sometimes you can get roses from grocery stores after they go by. Ask the manager if instead of throwing them away some night to save them for you (since you’ll be plucking the petals off anyway). Then make a rose trail for her to follow and once she reaches the end of your trail, she will find a special box.

#9. Serenade her

Do you have a musician friend who plays the guitar or violin? If not, hire someone to serenade her a special song. The place is up to you!

#10. Graffiti

Not encouraging vandalism here, but if you can get permission to have a tastefully made graffiti mural (maybe on a barn or your property), this could be a very cool marriage proposal idea.

#11. Message in a bottle

Next time you’re at the beach, pretend you’ve found a bottle there (or go ahead of time and plant it for her to find). When she picks it up, she’ll find a personal letter from you, explaining in heartfelt detail why you love her. Or a poem will suffice.

#12. Balloons

Gather enough balloons to fill up the ceiling or floor (depends on whether you want helium or not). Tie the ring on the end of one or put it in one of the balloons and ask her to pop them all. When she finds it, now it’s time to do your thing.

#13. Crowd participation

Everyone has seen the marriage proposal on the big screen at the football or baseball game done, but what if you get the crowd involved? It might take some organizing, but if you can give the ushers a card to pass out to one whole section (preferably the one across from your seats) and put the instructions on one side (i.e. – please hold up this sign at 3:00 p.m. to help me with a marriage proposal), it could work. Make sure she is looking across the field at the right time!

#14. Jewelry store

Tell her you’ll take her shopping for a special piece of jewelry. You can either pick the ring out ahead of time or let her pick it out. Ask her right at the jewelry store! The sales associates can take a picture of the two of you to display in their store case, and she’ll be bringing all of her friends there to see it.

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#15. Take your relationship to new heights

Are you outdoor enthusiasts? Take her mountain hiking to a special spot. When you reach the pinnacle, get down on your knee and tell her you’re ready to journey through all the ups and downs of life with her.

#16. Snorkeling

If you live in a Southern State (or this could be done in the summer), take her snorkeling. After she gets used to the goggles, tell her you spotted the most beautiful mermaid you’ve ever seen. Show her the ring underwater and ask her to marry you. Hopefully she can lip read.

#17. Massages for two

Many massages offer a couples session. Certain types of massages (like Swedish, for example) use hot rocks and oil. While she’s relaxed with her eyes closed, have the massage therapist slip the ring on her finger and tell her that the most special healing rock for her heart has been placed upon her finger. The rest is up to you.

#18. Dinner and dessert

So one could argue whether or not this belongs in a list of creative proposal ideas, but it’s an old stand-by that deserves its place.

If you’re more of a traditionalist and want to take her to a fancy restaurant, have the wait staff come to your table with “dessert” and singing, like they sometimes do for birthdays. Except ask them to sing something else, such as “You are my sunshine” or a song you request.

#19. Horseback

Many girls love horses and have fond memories of riding as a child, or at least wished they had a chance to go. Arrange to take her horseback riding locally and stop off somewhere romantic along the ride.

#20. Limo surprise

Arrange to have a limo pick her up at work one random day. Inside, you’re waiting with a brand new dress, a makeup bag, hairspray and sexy shoes. Tell her you’re going to make this a night to remember. Having a romantic moment is easy when there’s a limousine involved! 

#21. Future together

Go to a fortune teller, palm reader or tarot card professional and give them some props. Take her there someday and tell her you’ve always been curious what they have to say. After she’s there, ask the fortune teller to see the future together with the two of you and use this as your chance to propose!

#22. A Carnival Game Proposal 

Another cool way to propose to your loved one for a totally amazing experience is to get someone working a carnival game at any of your local amusement parks to give the ring to your loved one as a carnival prize. What’s better than winning a game, then looking over to see your special somebody down on one knee?

#23. Make a Box of Chocolates 

If you really want to surprise your loved one and show them that your level of commitment cannot be beaten, then hiding that beautiful diamond engagement ring inside her favorite box of chocolates, right inside one of the chocolates, is another cool idea to take advantage of. Chocolate always makes for a good symbol of commitment! 

#24. Use the Jumbotron

A very popular yet old-school way to propose to your loved one with a diamond engagement ring is to propose at a sporting event, something that should be a great proposal method for all of you sports fans out there. Watch your team win the big game and get yourself a new soulmate out of it too! The deep commitment level you show by letting the whole world know how you feel might just sweep her off her feet. 

#25. Using Those Favorite Flowers

Another cool idea is to hide the ring in a huge bouquet of flowers. This way, she will have something that looks nice and smells better, along with a brand-new engagement ring to solidify your commitment to each other. It’s just not a wedding proposal without some beautiful flowers! Some rose flower petals always helps make things more romantic. 

#26. Breakfast in Bed 

If your special somebody is the kind of person who likes hanging out at home, why not make them a great breakfast menu and put the ring somewhere on the breakfast tray? We couldn’t imagine a more romantic way to wake up in the morning! 

Good luck with your proposal!

No matter which creative proposal idea you choose, do your best to make it unique and memorable. But, most of all, make your proposal special. It’s something she’ll talk about fondly for the rest of her life. No pressure!

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