About DBS

Hi, I’m Dave, the guy behind Diamond Buying School.

After going through the process of buying my wife’s engagement ring, I saw the opportunity for a simple, independent resource to help people buy a diamond with confidence. This site is my attempt at giving you that resource.

I’m not an international diamond expert, but a writer and researching with some experience buying (a few now) diamonds of my own.

My goal is to make your diamond buying experience as easy and rewarding as possible, while saving you money in the process. If you have any questions or comments about the site, please send them to me at editor@diamondbuyingschool.com.


Privacy Policy

DBS does not collect information about you, but our third party partners (like good old Goolge) may. We also may work with advertisers that will place a cookie in your browser that tracks where you click, but no other information.

Affiliate Disclosure

DBS is supported by affiliate advertisers including Blue Nile. If you click a link to our affiliate partners and make a purchase, a little bit goes to our online tip jar. We thank you for your support our effort to deliver quality free content.


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